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#UsingBitcoin – Adding Fuel To Bitcoin’s Adoption

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STARBACKR users and creators are already used to transacting with Bitcoin, but a big part of the mainstream is still not aware of Bitcoin’s ability to act as a means of payment. To spread awareness of this, the German Bitcoin community came up with a campaign that strives to support businesses that accept Bitcoin while encouraging people to pay with Bitcoin: #UsingBitcoin

A Vicious Circle

One of the reasons a lot of people don’t think of Bitcoin as cash or a means of payment is its volatility. Now Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, a German scientific journalist, tweeted that Bitcoin’s volatility would be a chicken-egg problem. Bitcoin is not used as means of payment because it is volatile and Bitcoin is volatile because it is not used as means of payment. If one assumes that this thesis is correct, then it would need people to adopt Bitcoin as means of payment ALTHOUGH it is volatile to break free of this circle, and #UsingBitcoin might be the perfect measure to achieve this.

The #UsingBitcoin Campaign

The goal of #UsingBitcoin is to spread awareness for Bitcoin as a means of payment. Starting today (10/19/22) participants use Bitcoin to buy goods and services from merchants that accept Bitcoin as payment. They document their experience on Twitter and other social networks using the hashtag #UsingBitcoin. You can find merchants that accept Bitcoin near you using or another register.

Help us spread awareness for Bitcoin! Participate in #UsingBitcoin on social and spread the word! 🧡

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