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Monetizing Live Content with Starbackr Live

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Ever since we started our journey, we dreamt of bitcoin-native live stream monetization directly embedded into the Starbackr ecosystem. Today we can finally announce that Starbackr Live… just went live!

With Starbackr Live content creators can now publish and monetize live content. The Starbackr Live roadmap is quite ambitious and we are just getting started! Today introduce the first two features: 1-on-1 video calls, as well as 1-to-many video streams.

Live streaming with Starbackr Live

Live Streams

Attentive users might have already noticed, that we just enabled the “Live”-tab. There, users can start, schedule or join live streams. Just like with other content on Starbackr, creators can decide whether a stream should be available for free, or if users need to pay once, in order to access a stream. As always pricing is totally up to the creator.

Today all live streams come with a static tip button that will allow users to send Bitcoin payments directly to the streaming creator. Those static tips are available in paid and free streams.

In the near future, we will enable “streaming” for payments as well. With “streaming”-payments, paid streams are no longer unlocked with a one-time Bitcoin payment, but rather paid by the minute. The same functionality will be available to free streams in the form of streaming tips. Here users can specify a tip amount that should be sent by the minute.

1-on-1 Video Calls

Video calls allow users and creators to connect directly, unlocking direct bi-directional communication and a much more exclusive experience.

Creators can enable 1-on-1 video calls, by specifying available timeslots and prices in their profile settings. Users can then book available slots directly on a creator’s profile. To avoid spam booked slots have to be paid in advance. But instead of paying the creator directly, payments are held until the call took place. We introduced this payment flow to prevent fraud. Because a creator might not turn up to a booked call. Or they might decide to leave early. In this case, the user will receive a refund.

What are you waiting for? Visit Starbackr and get started with Starbackr Live today!

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