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Getting Started On Starbackr

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You finally decided to become a Starbackr creator? Great! Welcome to the content creator economy of tomorrow! We wrote this blog post to get you started on Starbackr as quickly as possible. It will guide you through your first steps as Starbackr creator.

Sign up

First things first! Before you can get started on starbackr you will need to create an account. On Starbackr there is no general creator verification process, so you are able to start posting immediately after you’ve signed up. The only exception is made with NSFW-creators. If you plan on posting content that is not suited for minors, you will need to verify your identity before starting.

To create a Starbackr account click here.

Set up your profile

Getting Started on Starbackr, Create your Profile!

Your profile is your personal space on Starbackr. Add your profile picture and choose a banner you like. Write a short description and place your social links so other users know who you are and can follow you easily. These elements are like your profile’s “storefront”. They are the first information new users will see when they stumble upon your profile so it is important to make them look appealing and attractive.  

If you plan on having exclusive content hidden behind a subscription, make sure to set up your subscription plans as well. Choose what time periods your subscribers can pick from and enter your own custom pricing. Choosing a fair subscription price is no easy task. Being realistic when pricing your content will result in higher total revenue.

Share what you love

No matter what your passion is, Starbackr is made for you to create freely. Now that you have an awesome-looking profile, it is time to add some content! Keep your audience in mind while planning and creating your content. Most importantly make sure you provide value for your customers so in return you can expect to get back a product of value!

Getting started on Starbackr, share what you love!

Getting Started on Starbackr, Share what you love!

Let the world know

You have created an account, you’ve set up your profile and you’ve shared your first content. Now it’s finally time to get some fans! Starbackr provides users with a couple of features to discover new creators, but nevertheless, you should promote your profile. Great opportunities to cross-promote your Starbackr profile are social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or Reddit. If you have an account on any of these networks, make sure to include a link to your Starbackr profile in your bio. To create even more traffic on your profile you can also share teasers of your Starbackr posts on the other social networks.

Let’s go!

That was it already! You are now ready to become a Star on Starbackr! In order to keep your audience engaged, you should make sure to post regularly and interact with your fans. Check out our blog for more tips and best practices.

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