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Get paid to create – Shooting Star Sunday

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At Starbackr, we strive to provide creators with the tools needed to monetize their passion. But we want to take it one step further! Instead of only your fans and followers paying you for your content, we will too! Introducing: Shooting Star Sunday, where you get paid in Bitcoin to create excellent content!

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Get paid in Bitcoin every week!

Shooting Star Sunday is an airdrop-like event that is, as the name suggests, happening once a week on Sundays. Every Sunday morning, Starbackr will be sending Bitcoin to creators that have been active this week. The more engagement a creator’s post gets, the higher the reward. The amount of Bitcoin a creator receives depends on the tier they have reached this week.

The Tier List

Tier 1 – Stardust – Earn 10 USD per week

Tier 1 (or Stardust) is the entry-level tier. All a creator has to do in order to reach Tier 1 is to post a video or image post on three different days this week.

Tier 2 – Comet – Earn 15 USD per week

Tier 2 (or Comet) introduces engagement. To reach tier 2, a creator must not only post videos or image three times a week but have at least one post reach ten likes.

Tier 3 – Shooting Star – Earn 50 USD per week

Tier 3 (Shooting Star) is the final tier of this event. To reach this tier, a creator must have published video/image posts on three different days a week and have one post reach 100 likes. Shooting Stars get 50 USD airdropped to their wallets and get featured until the next Shooting Star Sunday.

Temporary tiers and bonus drops

From time to time, there will be unique bonus tiers that will only be available for a single week. Make sure to never miss a bonus drop by following Starbackr on Twitter (the current tier list will always be published here, on our blog too.

How to participate in Shooting Star Sunday

All you need to participate in this event is a Starbackr account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create an account here.

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