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Earn Money On Starbackr – 3 Different Ways

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Starbackr is a paid social network, but there are many different ways to earn money on Starbackr (and even some that don’t require any content at all)! In this article, we will showcase three of them.

Earn Money By Selling Exclusive Content

Selling exclusive content might be the most obvious way of earning money on Starbackr. By enabling a subscription on your profile or posting single exclusive posts with a price tag, you can monetize content that your fans won’t find anywhere else. A great example of this is one of Starbackr’s founding creators Jey White.

Jey is a photo model from Germany. On her Instagram, she posts all kinds of stuff, but some posts are only available on Starbackr. If one of her followers wants to see her exclusive posts, they will need to subscribe to her Starbackr account.

Earn Money With Donations (Value4Value)

The Value4Value approach is very different from the one above. With Value4Value/Donations there is no fixed pricing. The information/content you provide is for free and your followers can reward you for the value you are providing by tipping. Tipping is enabled for every post and creator by default. If you set your post to “TEASER” then it will be available to anyone viewing your page.

An example of a value4value profile would be Egge’s profile. On his profile, all posts are visible to anyone.

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Earn Money By Referring Others

This last method is again totally different from both above because it does not even require you to be a content creator. Earn money by becoming a Starbackr affiliate partner! The Starbackr affiliate program is available to any user of the platform. If you know someone that should be on Starbackr, simply send them your referral link. If they sign up using that link, Starbackr will pay you 5% of every transaction they make or receive!

Here is a little example: Joe signs up using your link. Joe earns 1000 USD in one month and spends 100 USD on the platform. You will receive 5% of both -> 55 USD in your pocket.

You can find a step-by-step guide on the Starbackr affiliate program here.

Find your own way

In the end, you will find a way that suits you and your content best. Don’t forget that there are even more ways than these three. Like promotions such as Shooting Star Sunday, where Starbackr pays up to 50$ each month to active creators.

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