How to use the Starbackr Wallet

Starbackr offers a on-platform Lightning wallet. It comes with all the features of a modern Lightning wallet.

Opening the Starbackr Wallet #

To access the Starbackr Wallet click the wallet icon in the navigation bar. You will be logged in automatically. The wallet can only be accessed directly from Starbackr. The Wallet will open in a new tab.

Paying with the Starbackr Wallet #

You can pay any regular Lightning invoice using the Starbackr Wallet. You can also send to Starbackr users or other Lightning Addresses. Once you opened the Starbackr Wallet, click “PAY” to open the payment dialogue.

Now either paste a Lightning invoice, or enter a Lightning Address or Starbackr username and click “READ”. If you pasted a Lightning Invoice you will only need to confirm the payment. If you entered a Starbackr username or a Lightning Address you will need to enter a payment amount and then confirm the payment.

Funding your Starbackr Wallet #

You can fund your Starbackr Wallet with a Lightning payment or an on-chain payment. For more information see this article.

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