How to receive earnings on your Starbackr wallet

Every user has their own wallet on Starbackr. To receive all your Starbackr earnings on your wallet you will need to link it to your account, by setting it as payout method.

Open your Starbackr Wallet #

To open your Starbackr wallet click on the little wallet icon in your navigation bar. It will open your wallet in a new tab.

Find your Lightning Address #

The Starbackr Wallet comes with a Lightning Address which can be used to send Bitcoin to the wallet. In your wallet find your Lightning Address and copy it (it should be <your username>

Set your Lightning Address as your Payout Method #

Back on Starbackr you will need to set the Lightning Address you just copied as Payout Method. To do that navigate to the “Payout Method”-tab in your profiles settings. Click on “Lightning Address” and add the copied Lightning Address, then click “Save Payout Method” to save.


Congratulations! From now on all your earnings will be paid out to your Starbackr Wallet. You can instantly withdraw from it at any time!

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