How to fund BlueWallet

In order to pay on Starbackr you will need a Bitcoin Lightning wallet. In this guide we are going to show you how to create and fund a Lightning wallet in BlueWallet.

Download BlueWallet #

First you will need to download the app. BlueWallet is available on iOS, Android and MacOS.

Create a Wallet #

Once you have downloaded and installed BlueWallet you can open the app and create a new wallet by simply pressing the plus-button in the upper right corner or the “Add now”-button.

BlueWallet supports different types of wallets. To use BlueWallet with Starbackr you will have to create a Lightning Wallet. Select “Lightning Wallet” from the list and choose a name for your wallet. If you don’t have your own LNDhub keep the default entry.

BlueWallet will now display a QR code and some text that looks like a URL beginning with “lndhub://”. These are your backup keys. You can use either one to restore your wallet on another device, so keep them safe.

Fund your wallet #

Now that you have your wallet set up its time to fund it with some Bitcoin. With BlueWallet you have different options to fund you wallet. You can either send Bitcoin over from any wallet (even from a exchange) or you can buy Bitcoin straight from the app. Press “Manage Funds” to see the different options. In this guide we will show you how to fund your Lightning Wallet from any other Bitcoin Wallet (you may choose another option), so press “Refill with External Wallet”.

BlueWallet will display another QR code, but this one is a Bitcoin address. If you send Bitcoin to this address, they will end up in your Lightning Wallet. You can use every Bitcoin wallet to send Bitcoin to this address, even directly from exchanges.

Within a few minutes BlueWallet will notice the incoming transaction and display it in your wallet. Once your transaction gets confirmed on the Blockchain, BlueWallet will add the Bitcoin you sent over to your wallets balance.

Pay a Creator on Starbackr #

Congratulations! You successfully set up your new Lightning Wallet! You can use it to pay Creators on Starbackr. Simply scan the QR code Starbackr generates for you with your Lightning Wallet, confirm the transaction and the Creator will receive the payments within seconds!

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