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BTC22 – the largest German-speaking BTC conference

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3 Days of Bitcoin-only Content

From September 15-17, the BTC22 – the largest German-speaking Bitcoin conference, took place in Innsbruck. All the prominent and well-known personalities of the German-speaking Bitcoin scene were brought together in one place. Furthermore, there were a few live talks and panels in English too.

All Bitcoin fans were welcome: beginners, advanced, and professional plebs. BTC22 was a community event by Bitcoiners for Bitcoiners.

BTC22 Tickets and Schedule

There were 3 different types of tickets at the BTC22 in Innsbruck:
1. The Industry Day took place on Thursday and was about networking financial institutions miners and developers to entrepreneurs, investors, employees and customers.

2. The Conference Pass started on Thursday evening with an emotional talk by Andy Holzer, a blind climber, who climbed the Mount Everest and taught us, that we are all unique with our strengths and weaknesses, but should still stand together. Two more days of exciting talks, panels and workshops followed from well-known names in the German-speaking community.

3. The Whale Pass was an all-access pass to the conference. The package provided access to the exclusive lounge for Whales and full access to every official BTC22 event during the week. Added to that was an exclusive mountain tour  along with the speakers & sponsors from Sunday to Monday, Sept 18-19, 2022.

In addition, there was the possibility to camp for free during the conference in Innsbruck. A shuttle to the conference was included.

More Information about the speakers.

Matthias Hörmanseder
Matthias Hörmanseder
Matthias Hörmanseder

Conference Program

For the majority of visitors, the Conference Pass was the right ticket. Both Bitcoin beginners and advanced visitors got their money’s worth there.

A vast mass of topics was covered over the two days at the conference:
“How to store and inherit Bitcoin safely?” Moreover, there were also some technical presentations and discussions. In addition, there were in-depth topics, such as whether Bitcoin is a reason for divorce. “Does Bitcoin change personality?” or “How to stay open to criticism?” And lots more.

Furthermore, to the talks in the large hall, people could get information about Bitcoin companies at the exhibition booths. There were also workshops on both conference days like: “How to set up a Lighting Node” or Privacy topis. Especially a very interesting workshop was about how to inform and inspire No-Coiners (People who are not yet a Bitcoiner) about Bitcoin in a human way.

The advantage as an absolute Bitcoin beginner: After the two days at the conference, you got an “all-around carefree package” to all Bitcoin topics to the hand. Pre-Coiner (Bitcoin beginner) can avoid many mistakes due to the knowledge they collected at the BTC22.

However, there were also raffles, where you could win various products like a Special Edition of the Bitbox.

Later there was a huge Bitcoin party with live music from TMP – Tirol Music Project, Berlin DJs Crtl_Alt_Dlt and DH Marco Malpeso, and the special performance of Bitcoin rappers PlebRap – JustAnotherNode, Hanspanzer, Too Bit to Fail and Kid.

To sum up all the topics

In summary it was a great, entertaining event where you can see the effort and preparation in detail.

The input was huge that it was almost impossible to watch everything. On the YouTube-Channel of the Bitcoin conference, the recordings will be uploaded in the next few days, where you can watch the presentations afterwards.

Regardless there were a lot of impressions. The many presentations, workshops and conversations with great people must now first be processed.

What has developed in the German-speaking region over the last two years is hard to put into words. We are excited about what is still to come and we are “bullish” (looking forward) to the next Bitcoin events.

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