Monetize your Content with Bitcoin

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Earn Bitcoin

Monetize your content and receive Bitcoin earnings directly on your wallet. No bank account is required!


Built on Lightning

Using the Lightning Network, transactions made on Starbackr are very fast and very cheap.

Keep at least 90%

Someone providing value should receive equal value in return. On Starbackr you keep at least 90% of your revenue.

Your Content, Your Rules!

Starbackr is free of moral censorship and restrictive pricing rules. Be free!

Stacking Money... Bitcoin... Sats!

Monetize your Content

Post exclusive content that will be only available to paying subscribers, hide specific posts behind a paywall or publish everything for free and let people tip you!

Refer friends & fans

Refer your friends and fans and earn even more Sats! You will receive a 5% commission on every transaction a referred user sends or receives for 30 days!

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Connect with your fans

Starbackr offers anything a modern content creator needs. You can share content, interact with others and their content.

Starbackr Wallet

Starbackr also comes with an integrated Bitcoin wallet, enabling lightning-fast Bitcoin transactions!

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